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In 2014 Bria started her business because she wanted to create an accessible space for low-income and immigrant families to learn how to make healthier meals via free cooking classes that were funded by the SunValley non-profit organization.

Soon after that Bria began to work with several local non-profits providing budget-based catering.

In 2018 Bria decided to rebrand her business and model and Bria's Italian Fusion was created.

Now, we are still community driven, budget-based, and accessible with providing much needed services to our community such as basic skills cooking classes, and budget-based catering as well as hosting various community events throughout the year. Currently our goal is to open a brick & mortar restaurant by 2025. This is a huge undertaking as most startup costs for this are $100k+. We are thankful to our return customers who help us toward this goal.

We are excited to keep expending & learning and hope you stick along for our journey.

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