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Meal Prep Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q - How much can I customize? 

A - Currently you can find all available customization under each meal option.

2. Q - How often will the menu rotate? 

A- We will rotate the menu based on customer feedback. 

3. Q - What does the customer get for a weekly commitment?

A - When you order online after your 9th meal you get 1 free. (Code emailed/texted)

4. Q - What is a partner code? 

A - We will partner with other local businesses and provide special codes for that collaboration.

5. Q - Is the menu mix & match? 

A - Yes you can mix and match between dietary restrictions and sides.

6. Q - Are the side food options interchangable? 

A - It varies. Side options are listed under each meal option.

7. Q - Will there be a family plan? 

A - We currently offer family plans under the subscribe & save tab here 

8. Q - What is the delivery charge? 

A - We charge a flat rate of $3 per delivery with a minimum of $30 or 3 meals for up to 15 mile radius of 36116. Drivers receive 100% of their tips so we encourage tipping. 

9. Q - What is the delivery process? 

A - When you place your order online you will select your delivery time. We will deliver within +/- 10 minutes of that time based on other orders. We will send a confirmation text when we are on the way.  

10. Q - Where can I find the calorie count? 

A- Calorie counts are labelled on each meal.  

11. Q - How does Bria's Italian Fusion ensure quality?

A - We use the best available ingredients and we prioritize the quickest delivery & pickup to ensure the food stays as fresh as possible. 

12. Q - When are the meals prepared by Bria's Italian Fusion? 

A - We cook all our meals as they are ordered based on delivery/pickup request. 

13. Q - Will you ever have raw meals for purchase? 

A - At this time due to safety, sanitation, and legality we do not offer raw meals.

14. Q - How does the punch card discount work? 

A - With your first order you will receive a physical punch card. Each order after you will get that card punched. Once you reach 9 meals you will get a paper with a code in your order for 1 meal free with your next order and a new punch card. Restrictions apply. 

15. Q - How do you ensure proper meal box sanitation? 

A - We use the best grade sanitizer and do a three step cleaning & sanitation process.

16. Q - What is the delivery date & time? 

A - You select your date & time during the order process.

17. Q - Will you have sample boxes available for purchase? 

A - Currently sample boxes are reserved for big orders of at least 10 boxes. Email us to set-up your sample box order. Or a sample event at your business location: If you have a storefront we come to you with samples based on a menu you choose and your customers/employees can try everything out. (flat rate charge)

18. Q - How do I become a business partner? 

A- We love partnering with local businesses. If you think you would be a good match email us at with "Partnership" in the subject line.

19. Q - How do I become a subscribed member?

A - Go to our website, click the Login button on the top left. Follow the steps. 

20. Q - How do I get fast checkout for orders? 

A - On the main meal prep page click the icon button on the top left corner and sign-in with Facebook. This will remember your orders, and save your preferences. No spam or sharing your personal information will happen. 

21. Q - How does pickup service work?

A - For local partner pickup place your order on the Partner's tab via our ordering page. You will pick up your order at the partner location. For normal pickup place your order on our meal prep tab and your confirmation will notate the pickup address. 

22. Q - Do I get a discount for ordering meals in bulk? (more than 4 meals per order)

A - Yes, when your online order subtotal is at least $49.95 a coupon will be automatically applied to your total at checkout. You can also save via our subscribe & save program.

23.Q - How does the box rebate work?

A - This program is for subscribe & save clients only. 

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