Our service offerings

This page gives more detail about all of our services. Each service below is by appointment only and availability may vary. For other services or questions please contact us directly. Final cost for all services rendered will be provided via quote or invoice. 

Cooking Classes:

Join us for shared or private cooking classes where you will be able to cook a favorite dish and dine afterwards. (currently offered virtually only). Learn more here

Meal Prep Service:

This service is great for people who are always on the go, people who have health & nutrition goals, and people who just simply like to have meals made for them. Learn more here

Small Party Catering: 

This service is great for small birthday parties, studio sessions, fashion shows, or backstage at various events. We differ from our competition because whether you have 5 people or 100 people attending your event we have no minimum order fees, no hidden fees, and we only need 1 week notice. We work with all budgets and we have simple sample menus to choose from making it easy for you to pick the best option for your event. Learn more here. Pricing varies please contact us. 

Special Event Catering: Ask us how we can help you celebrate your special event.