In 2013 The C.E.O. of B.B.F.C. Inc. saw a need for affordable catering services. Briana wanted to create a business that allowed everyone to be serviced no matter their budget restrictions. B.B.F.C. started by providing free cooking classes to lower income families in the Sun Valley community of Denver, Co. From there Briana expanded cooking classes into the Boys and Girls club within East High School in Denver, Co. After becoming established in that Briana opened her business in 2014 providing catering services to any income type. In 2019 Chef Bria travelled to Italy to learn more about Italian cuisine and the culture and has added that into the business.

We at Bria's Italian Fusion LLC believe food can be affordable, and incomes should never determine when people need help. We pride ourselves in being budget-based, and finding a solution for every client we have.  

Bria's Italian Fusion - A new way to eat Italian Food

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